Sunday, October 19, 2008

In honor of Halloween...

I will take you to Ralston Hall Mansion in Belmont. It is a U.S historic landmark and was founded in 1864. It is absolutely stunning inside and out and just "screams" high society. Upon researching this venue I found out it is haunted, or said to be. Some claim it is on the top ten list of the most haunted mansions in Northern California. OOOoooh, scared yet? Well let me tell you, the only spirits I felt that day were happy loving ones, as this was one of the most supportive and tight-knit groups I have ever come across at a wedding. Everyone was joking and friendly and just genuinely happy. A funny story and a total "duh" moment for me...I do a lot of weddings for many different religions, cultures and beliefs. I come across many new and interesting traditions and cultural practices that have opened my eyes to many great things. At this particular wedding as I was pinning the groomsmen boutonnieres on, in between the guys shouting the latest score of the game and fist pumping to every awesome play, I noticed something interesting going on. I saw the ladies in the front row with large jingle bells. They were stringing them and passing them around. I thought to myself, "Hmmm wonder what they will do with those...will they jingle them as the bride walks down, when they are pronounced Husband and Wife or at the end when the couple walks down the aisle?" I never did ask, and I kept thinking about it as I crawled in traffic on my way to the Bay Bridge. I felt like such a dork as it hit me on 80 passing Berkeley. Earlier that week the bride had given me a response card so I could see her colors. Rather than having ______# will attend or _____with regret, this clever bride had as one of her choices, "___will be there with bells on." Duh! They were all there with bells on! Isn't that cute! Here are some pictures of the event...enjoy!!!
Bridal bouquet in shades of white ivory and pinky peach.

Bridesmaid bouquet in mostly peachy pink with touch of ivory

Ceremony urns with curly willow and flowers
Table centerpieces in glass urns
Lush and romantic

Tall trumpet vase centerpieces were on every other table.

Look at that chandelier! WOW!
Very romantic set up.
Coordinator: Bellissima Vita
Photographer: Noah Hawthorne